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Eight Steps to Effective Virtual Working

Adapting to remote working to stay in control and motivated

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This book challenges the ways in which you work remotely to ensure that you remain in control of what you do, stay in touch with the people that you work with and you feel valued and motivated.
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Anyone who’s changed to a predominantly or even a totally ‘working from home’ scenario will understand the various challenges that this presents. Even if you’ve worked remotely for a while, you can still face many challenges.

The purpose of this book is to help you establish an effective way of Virtual Working by providing tools, tips, and techniques that can transform your daily routines, develop your virtual communication skills, and help you to work effectively away from your normal office or working environment.

About the author

The author is Vance Withers, an experienced commercial leader with over forty years of International Sales and Leadership experience.

He founded the 496 Partnership to focus on his passion for helping individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential.

He is a volunteer Mentor for Help 4 Heroes – the charity that aims to re-settle ex-servicemen and women into the community.

He is an accomplished musician and chef, a keen collector of antiques, and an enthusiastic mountain biker and boater.

He currently lives in the village of Birtsmorton, Worcestershire, UK, with his wife Karen.

  1. Sharing Expectations
    1. Why you should review what’s expected
  2. Agreeing clear goals and priorities
    1. Building consistent performance
  3. Trust the people around you
    1. Recognising individual differences
  4. Monitoring progress regularly
    1. Staying on track
  5. Communicate with clarity
    1. The importance of effective communication
  6. Managing your time effectively
    1. How do you manage your day?
  7. Managing your environment
    1. Getting the basics right
  8. Staying connected
    1. The importance of regular contact
About the Author

Vance Withers