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How to Advance your Career by Sleeping Better

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Getting a good night’s sleep is not just something that you should strive for during weekends and holidays.
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Did you know that your sleep patterns are influenced by what you eat, your exercise routine, and even where you put your phone while you sleep? Have you ever tried to tap into the wealth of your dreams so that you can be more creative at work? And did you know that waking up with gratitude makes for a good start to the day? There are ways to keep nightmares and anxiety at bay, so that you can wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. Good sleeping habits for your entire family will also contribute to a harmonious household, from which you can launch the next success in your career.

About the Author

Elsabe Smit is a seasoned motivation and development professional with over 20 years practice of assisting people to grow in their personal, work or business lives. She has clients in more than twenty countries and does most of her coaching using social media such as Zoom.Elsabe provides a range of services designed to assist clients in taking control back in their lives. She has published books on a variety of topics, including academic textbooks and books on various aspects of spirituality.

  • About the author
  1. Why is a good night’s sleep necessary?
    1. How does sleep deprivation impact on our daily activities?
    2. Sleep reduces your anxiety and depression
    3. Increase your creativity
  2. Where do you sleep?
    1. A bedroom is for sleeping
    2. Sleeping well when you are away from home
  3. What do you do before bedtime?
    1. Bed-time routine
    2. Evening meals
    3. Exercise
    4. Reading
    5. Music
  4. When do you sleep?
    1. Circadian rhythm
    2. Stick to your sleep time
    3. Power naps
    4. Waking up at night
    5. Working across time zones
    6. Shift work
  5. Smart homes
    1. EMF
    2. Phone/tablet and charger
    3. Baby monitor
    4. Fitness measures (smart watches)
  6. Dreams and dreaming
    1. What are dreams?
    2. What purpose do dreams serve?
    3. Capturing the contents and meaning of dreams
    4. How to use dreaming to find creative solutions
  7. Waking-up habits
    1. Gratitude
    2. Short meditation
    3. Morning diary
  8. Conclusion
About the Author

Elsabe Smit