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Developing Creative Thinking Skills: Part 3

Making a Difference; Applying Creativity to Your Work Life

21m 40s
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Businesses rank creativity as their top skill they seek in employees, but inadvertently stifle it. How can you create or judge the right conditions for using and encouraging creative thinking at work?
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Most businesses operate as hierarchies with decisions being made top-down. This kills an organisation’s ability to sense change and respond to or shape it; to be creative - the very ability needed to identify and sustain competitive advantage. To put creativity at the heart of the organisation you must listen to and observe what happens at its edges and periphery.This is where small incremental creativity really wins. Where individuals can make their greatest creative contributions; not through big transformative ideas but rather small accumulations of small ideas over time.

About the Author

Simon is a consultant, coach and advocate for creative thinking and its application to business needs. Passionate about creativity in all its forms, he is also a professional artist, but spent 25 years in senior leadership roles in B2C international marketing and e commerce. He has worked around the globe but is now very firmly sedentary, working from home in the UK.

About the Author

Simon Bird