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Developing Creative Thinking Skills: Part 1

What is Creativity and Why we Need It

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We all have assumptions about creativity. They are mostly misguided and hold us back. Here they are de-bunked and a clear idea of what creativity is and how we can benefit from it is established.
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‘I am not creative’. How often have you heard that?

The talk shows how people and organisations overlook their innate creative abilities, preferring to believe that creativity is the preserve of artistic or imaginary visionaries rather than something we can all access.

It shows how creativity is a broad, innate ability that can be developed and used to challenge assumptions, see new patterns, investigate, think and act differently, to bring solutions to problems and situations that will result in new and different outcomes. A skill that is highly valued in business.

About the author

Simon is a consultant, coach and advocate for creative thinking and its application to business needs. Passionate about creativity in all its forms, he is also a professional artist, but spent 25 years in senior leadership roles in B2C international marketing and e commerce. He has worked around the globe but is now very firmly sedentary, working from home in the UK.

About the Author

Simon Bird