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Design Thinking for Strategic Change

Change Strategy Book 2

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This book explains the Strategic Thinking Framework and the Growth Mindset. You step through Change Strategy fundamentals and design, and review the uses of Kotter and McKinsey 7S Models.
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In the book we will learn about strategic thinking how to apply it as a key skillset for making change happen. We examine the Growth Mindset and how to focus on outcomes. The Strategic Thinking Framework provides structure to the joined-up thinking we need to make our change strategies robust.

We then explore how to design change strategy, understanding its drivers and fundamentals, and how it connects corporate strategy, transformations and change management. The book ends with exploration of the Kotter and McKinsey 7S Models and where they are useful.

About the author

Malcolm Anderson advises and speaks on strategy, future-proofing, organisational transformation and performance. With over 30 years consulting in organisational change, his experience spans Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia, with senior appointments in a variety of industries, public and private sectors and led a UK business and management faculty.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • Part 1 How to Think Strategically
  1. What does it really mean to Think Strategically?
    1. Why Strategic Thinking is useful
    2. What Strategic Thinking is
    3. Strategic Thinking in the context of change
    4. Endnotes
  2. The Strategic Thinking Mindset
    1. The Growth Mindset
    2. When under-performance is too common
    3. The Pre-Requisites for Strategic Thinking
    4. Endnotes
  3. Strategic Thinking Framework
    1. Make Time and Space for Strategy
    2. Structured Thinking
    3. Focus on Outcomes
    4. Big Picture Thinking
    5. Questions
    6. Issues and People
    7. Options and Decisions
    8. Characteristics of Strategic Thinking
    9. Resetting Strategic Thinking in our Contemporary Setting
    10. Endnotes
  • Part 2 - Designing Change Strategy
  1. Change Strategy Fundamentals
    1. Analysing for Change Strategy
    2. Mapping Change Strategy
    3. A Holistic Journey of Transition
    4. The Current Operational Status
    5. The Current Cultural Status
    6. The Future Capability Required
    7. Achieving Outcomes Sustainably
  2. Strategic Change Focus
    1. Operational Change Strategy
    2. Joined-up Thinking
    3. Transformation Strategy
    4. Capability-Driven Change Strategy
    5. Evolutional Strategy
    6. Endnotes
  3. Strategic Drivers
    1. What do we mean here by the term ‘driver’?
    2. Examples of Change Drivers
    3. Endnotes
  4. Change Strategy Purpose
    1. Types of Strategy
    2. Strategic Change Outcomes
    3. Endnotes
  5. Change Strategy Model 1: McKinsey
    1. Introduction
    2. What is a Model and why use one?
    3. Useful Models
    4. The McKinsey 7-S model
    5. Merits of the 7-S Framework
    6. Endnotes
  6. Change Strategy Model 2: Kotter
    1. Kotter’s 8 steps
    2. Merits of Kotter’s 8 steps
    3. Endnotes

This book offers all the main ingredients to grant your company to evolve and have a better impact through design thinking skills. Very good book
magnificent book
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Mal Anderson