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Design, Prepare and Conduct a Winning Interview

Virtually or Face-to-face

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The e-book addresses the best way for hiring managers to prepare for any type of interview, from the skills required, the design of the interview and the right questions.
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The high costs of replacing people in an organization requires hiring executives to have skills to attract and hire the right people. The virtual environment has shifted the interview process. This means new skills, additional preparation, new interview designs, and differences in how you present yourself and evaluate your candidates. Finding top talent and retaining them means projecting the best corporate image and culture. The e-book includes insights on preparation, designing, and conducting hybrid interviews, with a focus on hiring the right person the first time – every time.

About the Author

Kathy Holdaway is a professional coach and consultant with over 40 years of experience in leadership development, including a 19-year corporate career in executive sales management in medical product sales. She was highly effective in hiring and training an award-winning team. After leaving corporate she started her own coaching company to facilitate the development of successful leaders, help build high value teams, and help them interview and hire staff and employees that contribute to their success. She believes in supporting others to create a lasting leader legacy

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. All About You!
    1. Top traits you need to conduct an effective interview
    2. Confidence
    3. Executive Presence
    4. Active Listening
    5. Great questioning skills
    6. Chapter Summary
  2. About the Candidates
    1. Who do they need to be?
    2. Establish an ideal candidate profile
    3. Choosing your candidate for cultural fit
    4. Biases and what to do about them – virtually and face to face
    5. Candidates Concerns
    6. Chapter Summary
  3. The Importance Of Preparation Before the Interview
    1. How you prepare equals success
    2. Position description
    3. How to use the job description to design your interview
    4. Using the requirements in your questions
    5. Using the job description with the candidate
    6. Creating the question types
    7. Overview and general questions
    8. Questions from the resume
    9. Behavioral, situational, experiential
    10. Chapter Summary
  4. Setting up for the Remote Interview
    1. How the remote environment is different
    2. The set up
    3. Checking your equipment
    4. Chapter Summary
  5. Managing the Interview Process
    1. Setting expectations for the candidates
    2. Creating the right interview environment
    3. Managing the interview
    4. Managing their questions during the interview
    5. Managing their questions at the end of the interview
    6. Chapter Summary
  6. Wrap-Up and Finishing the Interview Process
    1. Rating your candidate’s interview
    2. Informing the candidate next steps
    3. Evaluating how you did
    4. Chapter summary
  • Appendix A – Reference from Chapter 1
  • Appendix B – Reference from Chapter 2
  • Appendix C – Reference from Chapter 6
  • Appendix D – Skills Rating and Candidate Assessment
About the Author

Kathy Holdaway