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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Move Beyond The Hype And Stay Informed: A Guide

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Ex-Head Of Sony Europe for AI And Robotics EU Digital Ambassador Nicolas Babin discusses the potential of AI to revolutionize industry, but he warns that we need to be careful about how we use it.
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In this interview, Nicolas Babin defines AI as a branch of computer science that creates machines that can think, learn, and make decisions. He then goes on to explain how AI is already being used in many applications, such as LinkedIn, Amazon, and self-driving cars.

Babin believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries and make our lives easier and more efficient. However, he also warns that we need to be careful about how we use it, and that it is important to ensure that AI is used for good and not for harm. Nicolas Babin has over 30 years in AI and explains the concepts simply with no hype.

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