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Death and Rebirth of Customer Centric Marketing

Experience is not Only a Game Changer but a Differentiator

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Customer-Centric Marketing has been put the back burner while profit, churning and mediocre being good enough has taken center stage.
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Customer-Centric Marketing has been put the back burner while profit, churning and mediocre being good enough has taken center stage. The customer used to be king but is currently treated more like a pawn.I believe that a customer first approach whilst a longer process, is the battleground for businesses to show just how different they are.In this eBook I talk about the death and the rebirth of being customer-centric and will show you why it is where your focus needs to be for the future growth and sustainability of your business.

About the Author

Amanda Daniels-Allen who is the Founder of Koogar, the Creator of The Marketing Oracle Card Deck and an Award-Winning Marketing Architect providing integrated marketing solutions and specialising in customer journey strategies for businesses who have a mission, want to challenge existing constructs and are ready to take their business to the next level. I understand what it is like to build a business and fall out of love with it. It’s not the businesses’ fault, but our own and it’s because we don’t know who we are anymore. I help passionate and purpose led entrepreneurs, from global brands to small businesses to connect the dots by putting an order to your chaos and giving you crystalline clarity. Growing organically, sustainably and unapologetically is what you want and that is what I’m here to help you achieve! Helping you create an authentic brand without compromise by constructing your own Marketing Eco-System™.

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  1. What is Customer-Centric Marketing?
    1. The Mission – You’re here to help someone, but do you know why?
    2. Your People – Deep dive into who they are
    3. Needs vs Wants -Two very different estates every customer enters
    4. Data Collection – The type of data you collect is essential to the growth of the business
  2. The Death and why it happened
    1. Cutting Corners – Why it is easier not to do things properly
    2. Profit First – It’s all about the money
    3. Bums of Seats – Get them in and stack them high
    4. The Internet – It’s the Internet’s fault!
  3. How does it fit into a Digital World?
    1. Now vs Then – Before the Digital Age
    2. Is Traditional Marketing still required? – Does it fit in now
    3. Customer Journey – Why this is essential for every business
    4. Thoughts, Decisions and Feelings – Tapping into the unconscious and anticipating next moves
  4. Customer Service vs Experience
    1. Setting Expectations – It is not about you
    2. Being seen as the Expert – Showing you off in the right light
    3. Onboarding Well – Creating a WOW
    4. Your (Internal) People – Do they know HOW you do business?
  5. The Rebirth and why it is essential
    1. Psychology vs Technology – Understanding your people at a deeper level
    2. Buyers are Smarter – Your clients have more information than ever before, meet them where they are
    3. The New Battleground – This is where every business can shine
    4. Retention and Recommendation – Word of Mouth is a powerful persuasion tool
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About the Author

Amanda Daniels-Allen