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Dealing with Virtual Conflict

Emotionally Charged Conversations for Introvert Managers

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This book will help you overcome remote team challenges. Learn to use communication, empathy, and trust while still maintaining boundaries. Leaving you feeling empowered as an introverted leader!
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This book is about how to deal with virtual workplace conflict and emotionally charged conversations. It will help managers to manage conflicts and emotionally charged conversation before it escalates into a bigger problem. This book will help you overcome any challenges that come with leading a remote team and allow you to focus on what matters most — building relationships with your team members! Learn how to create meaningful connections through communication, empathy, and trust while still maintaining boundaries. Finally, feel empowered as an introverted leader!

About the Author

Janice Chaka is a respected international HR professional, virtual business owner, introvert coach, and professional podcaster. Long before "working remote" was hip, she confidently led a remote recruiting team. Known as the Career Introvert, Janice excels at solving complex HR challenges, managing emotions, and setting boundaries as an introvert -- Janice has mastered the art of leveraging introvert strengths to build a thriving virtual business in a global market. As a result, she is a sought-after author and speaker for digital summits on introversion, virtual work, and mental health.

  • About the author
  1. Preface
    1. Who is an introverted leader?
    2. What is a virtual workplace?
    3. What is virtual conflict?
  2. Understanding Virtual Conflict
    1. Sources of Conflict in the Workplace
    2. The Cost of Conflict in the Workplace
    3. The Impact of Conflict on Employees
    4. The Value of Healthy Conflict
    5. Chapter Summary
  3. Virtual Teams
    1. What is a virtual team?
    2. What are the different types of virtual teams?
    3. Tips for Building an Effective Virtual Team
    4. How to Set Clear Expectations
    5. How to Demonstrate Empathy Remotely
    6. How to Give Feedback to Your Team
    7. How to Receive Feedback from Your Team
    8. What is a ‘good’ culture, and why is it important?
    9. What is a toxic virtual work culture?
    10. Chapter Summary
  4. Balancing the Virtual Workplace
    1. Blurred Lines
    2. How to Detect Brewing Conflict
    3. What do you look out for as conflict develops?
    4. How to Identify Burnout
    5. What does burnout look like?
    6. What to Do about Burnout
    7. Chapter Summary
  5. Introverted Manager — Challenges and Solutions
    1. Learning About Your Team
    2. Cultural Differences in the Workplace
    3. Extroverted Colleagues
    4. Recharge Time
    5. Boundaries
    6. How do boundaries protect me?
    7. Open listening
    8. Problem-Solving Skills
    9. Chapter Summary
  6. Conflict Management Strategies for Introverted Managers
    1. Check Your Company Resources and Requirements
    2. Preparation for Dealing with Conflict
    3. Diplomacy
    4. De-escalating
    5. Negotiation
    6. Chapter Summary
  7. How Emotional Intelligence Can Help with Conflict
    1. What is emotional intelligence?
    2. How does emotional intelligence affect introverts?
    3. Defusing the Knee-Jerk Response and Your Own Bias
    4. Chapter Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
About the Author

Janice Chaka