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Dealing with Conflict – For Managers

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Julie Hogbin talks about Conflict – what it is, why it happens and how to deal with it. Conflict damages so many and so much and needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.
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What is conflict and what does it truly mean for individuals and organizations? Here Julie Hogbin talks about the 5 types of conflict and the three stages it comes in.
What is the true cost of not dealing with and walking towards a conflict scenario?
As it very rarely goes from a blip to gross misconduct, a simple conversation early on can often stop the situation from escalating.
What is your approach & how are you communicating it?
#ConsciousLeadership for Business and Life

About the Author

Julie Hogbin has worked with tens of thousands of Leaders within Busines & Life for over 3 decades across the private, public & entrepreneurial sectors. Julie is passionate about true Leadership & Management that is conducted with sound principles and integrity. The Leadership messages are the same across the sectors – great Leadership shines and can be developed.


About the Author

Julie Hogbin