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Dealing with Anxiety

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Are you anxious about the world situation? Here we focus on dealing with anxiety and addressing fears. We explore aspects of anxiety and consider approaches to move to a more positive state of mind.
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It is normal to experience fear and anxiety. This talk explores the small steps we can make in a new and different direction. It explains how to change our perspective and apply certain tools to change our mindset. Listening to the words and language we use, we explore how to develop different brain pathways. We consider altering and adjusting to more positive language, and how to train our logical brain to take control of emotions and feelings. The focus is on small changes and health ideas to move to a position of feeling free’er. 

About the Author

Gillian specialises in personal development and well-being. Her background covers nursing, midwifery, health visiting. Her experience includes working in the Australian outback with the Flying Doctor Service. Gillian has a Masters Degree in Exercise and Health Sciences, and is a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She established Health Circles 21 years ago and trains in Energy and Well-being, Mind Mapping and Speed Reading. She is an author and trainer and teaches Pilates Exercise to create healthier minds and bodies.

About the Author

Gillian Burn

Gillian Burn provides training programmes for individuals and companies to improve health and quality of life within her own company, Health Circles Ltd, which she established in 1999.

Her background covers nursing, midwifery, health visiting, including experience working in the Australian outback with the Flying Doctor Service and 12 years with BUPA.
Gillian has a master’s degree in exercise and health sciences, is a qualified master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming and time line therapy®. She has management qualifications and trained in Mind Mapping® and speed reading with Tony Buzan. 

Her personal development workshops address lifestyle factors to improve energy and performance including exercise, nutrition, stress and time management, positive thinking, motivation, effective communication, and creating peak energy. In addition, Gillian runs Mind Mapping and speed reading workshops.