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Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Failure IS an Option!

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Language:  English
This book deals with the history of entrepreneurship and challenges the reader to examine his or her own attitudes to entrepreneurship.
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This book is part one of a two-step process designed to allow the reader to evaluate their lives to date and to define a path going forwards that better satisfies their life aspirations.This book identifies any possible need for change from the reader’s present lifestyle by examining what we mean by being entrepreneurial, understanding what stops us from behaving in an entrepreneurial way when living our life and uses situational analysis and exercises to determine the present level of entrepreneurial thinking and action in the reader’s life to date.At the end of this book, if the reader has determined that there is a need for change then Preparing for Uniqueness will assist in the change process.

About the author

The author is an international business consultant, writer and motivational speaker. Following careers in teaching and IT he has spent over twenty years working with businesses and with business support organisations in various European and Middle Eastern countries. His media appearances and his lectures to business groups and universities help him to spread his positive and passionate message.

  1. Prologue 
  2. Introduction
  3. What is an Entrepreneur? 
  4. What stops people behaving in an entrepreneurial way?
  5. How entrepreneurial are you?
  6. Conclusion
  7. References
great and inspiring
Great updated and challenging topic. I recommend this book to be used as major textbook in business programs.
It is an amazing book, I liked it word for word. The writing is so logical and impacting, I would recommend anyone to read it . Cheers.
May be best way to start small business of entrepreneurs !
This book made me to redefine entrepreneurship as a mindset rather than just a business term. Moreover the book answers the question of "how to?" by recommending some useful tools to create an entrepreneurial mindset. In conclusion this book gives a great insight about how "ordinary" people can become entrepreneurs.
The book brings a unique and practical perspective on the concept of entrepreneurship. The author's first-hand experience and his sensible point of view help you draw a simple picture in your mind, providing a clear standpoint about where to start and how to start. Regardless of the stage your business is at or the sector you work in, you will find the inspiration you need.
An excellent and thought-provoking read. Makes you question why you have not thought more openly about issues and demonstrated more creativity. An asset to all budding businessmen and women.
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Roger Cowdrey MIC