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Confidence Without Limits

The Leader’s Guide to Getting out of Their Own Way

Language:  English
An alternative view of confidence & the psychology behind why we feel confident right through to stressed! Includes how to feel more confident when we really need to get back in the game quickly.
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This book takes an alternative view of what confidence is and

  • explores the interplay between competence and confidence and how it can be misjudged.
  • explains what blocks confidence and why we may hold ourselves back.
  • covers how our experience of the world is shaped and influenced and how this impacts on how we feel.
  • includes ways to feel better when we really need to get back in the game quickly - it’s so much more than ‘power poses’!
Read this if you want a deeper understanding of your own psychology and how your thoughts influence your life and confidence powerfully, moment to moment.
  • About the Author
  • Author’s Note
  1. What is Confidence?
    1. Being Confident
    2. Why is Confidence Attractive and Necessary?
    3. Self-consciousness – the Confidence Blocker!
    4. External Validation
    5. Encouraging the Feeling of Confidence
    6. Chapter Summary
  2. Confident Leaders
    1. The Pressure to Appear Confident as a Leader
    2. Confidence and Leadership Style
    3. Chapter Summary
  3. Confidence and Competence
    1. What is Competence?
    2. Competence and Confidence in Leadership Roles
    3. The Impact of Confidence and Competence Levels
    4. Owning Your CV
    5. Chapter Summary
  4. Common Confidence Stories and Beliefs
    1. Common Confidence Stories
    2. Chapter Summary
  5. Confidence for Optimal Performance
    1. Confidence is Just a Feeling
    2. Taking Back Control of Confidence
    3. When There is Pressure to Perform Well
    4. Quit Tension for Optimum Confidence
    5. Getting Out of our own Way
    6. Chapter Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography / References
About the Author

Linda Wood