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Compassionate Coaching in the Corporate World

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An evidence-based, easy introduction for professionals such as leaders, managers, HR professionals & coaches into a hot topic in the field of people development and talent management – Compassion.
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An introduction into Compassion for professionals such as leaders, line managers, HR professionals and coaches who have an interest in people development and talent management. 

Managers (whether in the line or in HR) will gain evidence to use on the benefits of organisational compassion and how this impacts management style, increased employee wellbeing and ultimately better productivity.

Coaches will find it invaluable in helping clients to become more compassionate with themselves also learn how to become more compassionate in the coaching room to enable greater shifts and enhanced relationships.

About the author

Julia is an AC Accredited Professional Executive Coach with 1500 hours experience in coaching senior, middle managers and their teams across all sectors over 15 years. She also supervises many independent coaches, other supervisors, as well as internal coaches. 

A trainer for 25 years and Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, she is also the Association of Coaching Supervisors Regional Organiser in NW England.

  1. Compassion: What Is It? 
    1. The Hard Science – It’s Not All Pink and Fluffy 
    2. How Did It Evolve In Humans? The Brain’s Trade-Offs 
    3. Threat versus Safety: Babies Show Us the Way 
    4. Compassion in a World of Cruelty – The Impossible Dream? 
    5. Self-Compassion – Why Are We So Tough On Ourselves? 
    6. The Kindness Conundrum or Courage in the Face of Compassion 
    7. Compassion Fatigue 
  2. The Compassionate Corporation 
    1. More Power Equals Less Empathy – the Role of the Toxic Boss 
    2. How the Competitive Mind Blocks Compassion 
    3. Compassion Focussed Business Leadership: Wussies Need Not Apply 
    4. Happy Employees are Productive Employees 
    5. The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace 
    6. The Difference between Compassion and Empathy 
    7. Can Empathy Be Developed? 
    8. The Manager’s Guide to Working with More Compassion 
  3. The Compassionate Coach 
    1. Physician Heal Thyself: Developing Compassion in Coaches 
    2. Be the Change You Want to See – Developing Compassion in Clients 
    3. The Ambiguity of Vulnerability in Coaching Supervision 
    4. Obstacles to Compassion – the Role of Drivers Theory on our Behaviour 
    5. Why are our ‘Drivers’ Obstacles to Compassionate Behaviour? 
  4. Cultivating Compassion for All 
    1. Developing Mindfulness as a Route to Compassion 
    2. How do you become more mindful? 
    3. What are the benefits in the workplace of more mindfulness? 
    4. Befriending Ourselves (Being a Friend to Us) 
    5. Compassion-based Resilience Building 
    6. Building Resilience through Renewal and Wellbeing 
    7. The Interactive Flow of Compassion 
About the Author

Julia Menaul