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Communicate with Positive Impact and Influence

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This is a practical guide to being a better communicator. Catherine has distilled many of the proven tools and techniques she has used with her clients in coaching and team-building.
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We often have very little idea about how others experience our behaviour and our impact on them. We underestimate how much our emotions, rather than our rational thoughts, drive our behaviour. The good news is that we can learn how to communicate with greater emotional intelligence to get better outcomes for everyone. This book contains many of the tools and techniques that Catherine has used successfully with clients to enable them to communicate more clearly and confidently. Following the techniques will help you to match your message to your meaning and your impact to your intention.

About the Author

Catherine Stothart is a Leadership Coach with Airbus and a partner in Google’s Mastery Faculty of virtual facilitators. She has coached and trained dozens of managers in the private sector - including Airbus, Google, Audi, United Utilities, KCOM, Astra Zeneca - to develop their leadership and communication skills. Catherine is the author of How to Get On with Anyone, (2018, Pearson) – a guide to building better relationships with others, at work or at home. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, has an MSc in Organisational Behaviour, and qualifications in coaching and psychometric testing. Catherine lives in Chester, in the UK.

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  1. Intention and Impact
    1. The Influence Gap
    2. What is Emotional Intelligence?
    3. Using EI to Close the Influence Gap
    4. Online vs In-person Communication
  2. The Communication Process
    1. Setting Outcomes
    2. Inputs: Words, Tone of Voice, Body Language
    3. Tips for Online Communication
  3. Connecting with Others
    1. Building Rapport
    2. Listening and Picking up Cues
    3. Advocacy and Enquiry
    4. More Tips for Online Communication
  4. Managing your Emotions
    1. Being Mindful
    2. Responding to Emotions
    3. Managing Conflict
    4. Beware of the BEAR™ Reaction!
    5. The CREDIT™ Approach to Managing Conflict
  5. What to Do and Say in Specific Situations
    1. How to Delegate
    2. How to Say No
    3. How to be Assertive
    4. How to Network
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About the Author

Catherine Stothart