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Coming up for AIR

How to Get Stuff Done and Stay Sane

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Our work-worlds are getting less structured but the amount of work hasn’t gone down! It’s more important than ever to be able to work in ways that keep us sane and make us more productive. Here’s how.
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Even pre-Covid, work was changing. More of us are working in ways that are less structured - but with no upper limit to how much we can do. The pressure of those things can make it hard to relax, hard to work efficiently and hard to keep up.The best solutions are often the most simple… and that’s what we’re going to explore in Coming Up For AIR. We look at when to work, how long to work and how long to work on in each ‘block’ of diary time.It’s not rocket science but it is based on the research of how we work best when we’ve got too much work and a bit of agency about how we do things.

About the Author

Simon (Dr Raybould to be formal) started his working life as a researcher: his PhD looked for causes of childhood leukaemia.Gradually he realised the world needs people to explain research as much as people who do it, so he shifted careers.He’s also been a lighting designer, playwright, author… and fire eater.

  1. We all need AIR - an introduction to my history with the topic
  2. An overview - what is AIR productivity?
    1. What’s the Act frame?
    2. What’s the Inform frame?
    3. What’s the Restore frame?
    4. A quick comment about being you. We’re all different
    5. The integration magic
  3. Act in more detail
    1. What? Give me a definition!
    2. What my Act looks like
    3. Exercise - what does your Act look like?
    4. Reflection - and a quick timesaving tip!
  4. Inform in more detail
    1. An example or two… and a quick win
    2. Here’s a client-based example
    3. What my Inform is like, to give you an idea. Yours will be different.
    4. Exercise - what does your Inform look like?
  5. Restore in more detail
    1. What my Restore looks like
    2. Exercise - figuring out what your Restore looks like
  6. Checking on your full AIR
    1. What’s important?
    2. Displaying your audit
    3. A better way of calculating your audit
    4. A hugely complicated way to do a more thorough audit
    5. A quick reality-check exercise and a note of caution
    6. My experience of how much time people spend in which frame
    7. How much time should you spend in each frame?
  7. Getting more done in your Act frame
    1. Concentrating
    2. An exercise in how long you should work on something.
    3. When should you do things?
    4. Dealing with your A to C problems
    5. Downtime is not dead time
    6. Summary
  8. Moving time from Act to the other frames
    1. Moving from Act to Inform
    2. Moving from Act to Restore
  • Conclusion
  • A case study!
About the Author

Simon Raybould