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Collaboration II

Top expert audio from 2 foremost experts. Do NOT miss this!

32m 28s
Language:  English
Many billions of dollars of commerce, 400+ expert talks, interviews, columns, speeches and books. These top experts know the value of COLLABORATION AT ALL LEVELS better than most, not as much as few.
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Another Manning & Schooler must! They take the previous expert talk, COLLABORATION I, to the MUST NEXT LEVEL! A deep dive into COLLABORATION at all levels of employment and work environments. Business plateaus from entrepreneurial, to managerial, professional to mature major enterprises. All manner of COLLABORATION between co-workers, levels of management and leadership, across all reporting relationships. And then with all manner of compelling resources, competitors, regulatory agencies and more impacting businesses. This is a truly jammed-packed and highly entertaining interview.

About the Authors

Steven J. Manning


Nat Schooler