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Coaching in a Culture Driven by Feedback

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We will uncover the many hats of a coach & dig into coaching in a culture driven by feedback. Practical application exercises are provided to build your muscle as you embark on your coaching journey.
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Let’s break it down. Simply a great coach listens, asks questions, facilitates growth, celebrates success & provides support. In this book, we lay the foundation of those attributes along with the characteristics and coaching practices that cultivate feedback and ideas. You are a behavioral transformationist who lights up your people, we will dig into how to ignite their sparks. There will also be, practical application exercises provided to ensure you are putting into action the concepts and content to build your muscle before you embark on your coaching journey.

About the author

Jen Renee’ Kirby is a freelance writer and entrepreneur based in the mid-west, who has spent over 13 years in the business world. Her key areas of focus include: consulting and developing leaders, teams, and organizations. She is a certified DiSC facilitator, Korn Ferry Leadership Coach, and Prosci Certified Change Management practitioner. She has her Master’s in Business Administration.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. The Coach
    1. Coaching Basics
    2. Many Hats
    3. Common Pitfalls
    4. Evaluate your Coaching Skills
  2. Cultivate Feedback & Ideas
    1. Cultural Characteristics
    2. Coaching Practices
    3. Put it Into Action
  3. What’s in it for Me, the Coach?
    1. Building your Muscle
    2. The Benefits
  4. Break Your People Free
    1. What Holds Your People Back?
    2. Build and Maintain Trust
    3. Uncover what Drives your People
    4. Create a Game Plan
  5. Lit up
    1. The Influencer
    2. Idea Generation
    3. Team Ideation Session
  6. Model it
    1. Breaking it Down
    2. Generate it
    3. Team Challenge: The Voice
  7. Integrate it
    1. Maintain Momentum
    2. Build Coaching Strategy
  • Notes
About the Author

Jen Renee' Kirby