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Circular Economy Strategic Insights

A Simple Guide to Circularity-based Business Opportunities

Language:  English
Taking a top-down strategic perspective, this book considers why organisations adopt circular economy based operational disciplines, based on business opportunity and potential supply-chain savings.
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Circular economy adoption has become a strategic imperative for all organisations to consider in terms of the strategic, economic and ESG corporate value to be gained by transforming operations. Circular operations can be divided into two main operating environments, the recovery of used products, components and materials for reuse and repurposing waste stream materials to form valuable inputs for by-products. Industry is nearing the inflection point, when circular transformation no longer becomes an option for followers but becomes a matter of competitive survival against early adopters.

About the Author

Mike Higgins is a strategic circular economy advisor and commentator focussed on the commercial opportunities that circularity provides to corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, and economic development agencies. Since establishing Circularwise in 2018, Mike hosts workshops to uncover the potential value of reusing products and repurposing waste materials. Mike’s career spans 40 years’ in both the global IT industry and circular economy-based services. He holds an MBA from Nottingham University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

  • Author Biography
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  1. Strategic circular economy considerations
    1. Introducing the circular economy
    2. Circular reuse disciplines
    3. Repurposing waste
    4. Broad Industrial Applicability
  2. The shifting strategic landscape
    1. Context
    2. Economic Factors
    3. Social factors
    4. Environmental Factors
    5. Legal factors
    6. Political Factors
    7. Technology enablement
  3. Linear economic failings
    1. Introduction
    2. Consumer decline of circular reuse
    3. Industrial decline of circular reuse
    4. Unmanageable linear waste levels
    5. Summary: Linear economy failings
  4. Industrial recovery for reuse overview
    1. Introduction
    2. Recovery of products for reuse - operational overview
    3. Designing for reuse
    4. Recovery for reuse value stack
    5. Additional Corporate Values
  5. Commercial repurposing of waste
    1. Introduction
    2. Waste repurposing - commercial ventures successes
    3. Waste repurposing operational overview
    4. Waste repurposing value stack
    5. Waste repurposing workshops
    6. Summary
  6. Future circular business trends
    1. Introduction
    2. Paying for productive use -Products as a Service (PaaS) business models
    3. Consumer dissatisfaction with single use packaging and recycling
    4. Conclusion
  • Key Takeaways
  • Glossary of terms
  • Table of figures
  • Bibliography
About the Author

Mike Higgins