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Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile

A Clear, Proud & Bold LinkedIn Profile is a Powerful Tool

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This book provides basic guidance for building a Professional LinkedIn Profile. We discuss the key areas of LinkedIn Profiles for your online presence, focused on your business or career.
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Because LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, having a well-written and focused LinkedIn Profile is important. Today when any business person is introduced to a new resource, potential business partner, or candidate they will ‘look you up on LinkedIn’. In this book, we introduce you to the best practices of building your LinkedIn Profile, including the different sections of a LinkedIn Profile and provide you guidance on how to use each section to develop a Professional LinkedIn Profile.

About the Author

Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Coach. Since late 2009 Teddy Burriss has been using his Sandler Sales Training, Dale Carnegie Coaching, DDI Leadership Facilitator skills, Social Media Strategist Certification, and over 25 years of networking experiences to guide business professionals in the best practices of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. Teddy has trained 1000s of business professionals on the power of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool and helps sales teams large and small across the globe.

  • Author Page
  1. Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile
  2. Define your Target Audience
  3. Know your Keywords & Phrases
  4. Entering Edit Mode
  5. Your LinkedIn Profile Banner Image
  6. Intro Box
    1. Your Profile Picture
    2. Your Headline
    3. Current Position
    4. Education
    5. Country, ZIP Code, and Location
    6. Name Pronunciation
    7. #OpenToWork
    8. Showcase Services Box
  7. About Section
  8. Featured Section
  9. Background Section
    1. Work Experience Section
    2. Education Section
    3. Volunteer Section
    4. Licenses & Certifications
  10. Featured Skills & Endorsements
  11. Recommendations Section
  12. Accomplishments Section
    1. Publications Section
    2. Courses
    3. Projects
    4. Honors and Awards
    5. Patents
    6. Test Scores
    7. Languages
    8. Organizations
    9. Interests
    10. Other languages
  13. PSA (Pay Serious Attention)
  14. Summary
  15. Connect with Us
About the Author

Teddy Burriss