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Leadership Beyond Intention

6 Steps to Your Personal Leadership Transformation

32m 58s
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This talk will take you through the 6 steps to personal transformation as a leader. We will also identify the 10 mistakes leaders often make when trying to change.
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How do you actually change your behaviour and release more of your potential as a leader? What works and what does not? Based on over 30 years experience and research, we have developed a comprehensive step by step process to personal transformation. We start by identifying the 10 most common mistakes leaders make when trying to change. Often leaders, paradoxically, over focus on changing their behaviour at the expense of a deeper understanding of what causes behaviour in the first place. Any one of these 10 mistakes can hold you back from your true potential.What we have identified are 6 steps to personal transformation that enable a deeper and richer understanding of self, an understanding that will allow you to more fully express your potential. Our experience has shown that leaders rarely combine these steps in any one program or practice. They are each powerful and interdependent. One of the keys to these steps is the emphasis we place on intention rather than goals. An intention is a present moment movement toward your potential whereas a goal tends to be future oriented. We encourage action now, start learning forward into a new way of being.

About the Author

Dr John Wood has been a psychologist and executive coach and facilitator for over 35 years. His specialty is helping senior leaders change and realise their potential so that they are better able to serve their communities. His PhD tracked the qualities of highly successful CEOs and how they learned from experience. His experience and research resulted in the Beyond Intention program, the 6 steps to personal transformation and a new way of being. His deep experience as a mindfulness practioner also provided a pathway for connecting mindfulness and personal growth as shown in the Beyond Intention program. Dr Wood has been on several boards and has been a facilitator for many local, national and international leadership programs. He has been a pioneer in the field of 360 feedback and assessment, the designer of innovative leadership programs such as The Mindful Leader and Beyond Intention, the designer of innovative coaching approaches for individuals and executive teams, and is a faculty member of Pacific Integral and South Pacific Integral which holds a yearly deep transformation program (GTC) based on integral theory, adult development and their applications to personal and collective development.Dr Wood has worked in many sectors from manufacturing to banking, government and not for profit enterprises.

About the Author

John Wood