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Believe it! You are Good Enough

Invest in your team’s confidence and empowerment

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Recognising the overwhelm caused by our negative voice helps to create an alternative that brings confidence and empowerment into your daily life. Find out what your inner critic is.
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We have two voices within us: the Conscious mind, which is the realm of the thinking and everything that is logical, practical and realistic. It is also the location of the negative voice which causes havoc and makes us feel stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled. On the other hand, the voice of our Unconscious mind is the realm of our feelings and emotions and the voice that knows everything about us. 

About the Author

The author is Einav Avni, a Confidence and Empowerment Coach, working with men and women (private and corporate) to identify what is holding them back from having the extraordinary lives they were meant to live.By getting her clients to recognise what conversations they are having in their own minds to keep their ‘problems’ alive, they are able to dissociate from their current self image which is often confused and fearful, to one that is empowered, limitless and unstoppable!

  1. The power to be
  2. Better the devil you know?
  3. The connection between our comfort zone, our ego and our self image
  4. How to use this with your team?
  5. What can you do?
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About the Author

Einav Avni