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Being Your Best at All Times

Your Blueprint to Overcome Stress, Challenge and Adversity

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Discover all you need to know about stress and its impact on every area of your life and fibre of your being. This book provides essential but simple, practical steps to return control and wellbeing.
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Are stress and anxiety truly mental illnesses?New research shows that much of today’s stress is due to online working practice and telecommunication. 74% of the UK population is reporting chronic stress linked to daily pressures and overload.The impact of stress is seen in relationships, behaviours, mental and physical health leaving many of us feeling out of control. This book provides all you need to help prevent stress build-up and its consequences. The simple, practical, cost-free daily plan, when put into practice, will reduce overload, returning balance and control.

About the Author

Paula Ruane has 40 years of experience in the financial and creative sectors. Her awareness of the growing problem of stress and anxiety 16 years ago led Paula to develop The Stress Prevention Programme for optimum professional and personal wellbeing Working with major PLC’s, SME’s and countless individuals, Paula equips them to prepare for and recover from stress, anxiety and adversity. She works with remote teams, improving communication. wellbeing and performance. Paula’s prime focus is enabling others to return balance, control and contentment at will, no matter what life brings.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. What is stress?
    1. Stress; good and bad
    2. Does stress change me?
  2. Sorting out the appropriate from inappropriate stress
    1. What does this mean?
    2. Checking in
    3. Why worry?
  3. What do we really want?
    1. Money
    2. Health; mental, emotional and physical
    3. Rewarding relationships
    4. Work satisfaction
    5. Liking and accepting ourselves
  4. What stops us from getting what we want?
    1. What are the consequences?
    2. What is the impact on us?
    3. Stress and Disease
  5. Why am I so stressed?
    1. Stress is today’s buzz word
    2. The elephant in the room
    3. From stone-age to space age
    4. The speed of our transformative evolution
    5. When demands exceed your resources
    6. Building back the buffer of time
  6. Digital Communication; Friend or Foe?
    1. Love it or hate it
    2. Our unhappy brain
    3. How we made it to this century
    4. Dealing with distractions
    5. Ignoring the fire alarm
  7. What are our bodies trying to tell us?
    1. Chemical messages30
    2. Physical Messages
    3. Mind Messages
    4. Emotion Messages
    5. Your New Normal
  8. Learning to listen to our bodies
    1. Wired up, fired up and tired out?
    2. Your hot buttons
  9. Our mind-body computer
    1. Our autonomic nervous system software
    2. The second brain
  10. How do we create better outcomes?
    1. Taming the beast of fight/flight/freeze
    2. Prevention is better than cure
    3. Reinforcing the chain
    4. Preventing energy drain
    5. Why stress makes smart people stupid
    6. Regaining perspective
    7. Widening the window of tolerance
    8. Choice point
  11. How can we take back control?
    1. Practice this HeartMath Technique
    2. The Quick Coherence® Technique
    3. Reduce online time
    4. Walk more
    5. Talk more
    6. Stop adding fuel to the fire
    7. Drink more water
    8. Eat well
    9. Use the power of silence
    10. Sleep more
  12. Your Blueprint
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Paula Ruane