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Audiobook: Become the Leader You Are

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A mini-manual for high-quality leadership, self-leadership and self-coaching. Each chapter gives insight and practical tips.
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‘Become the Leader You Are: Self-Leadership through Executive Coaching’ is a mini-manual to build high-quality leadership, self-leadership and self-coaching. Each chapter provides perspective, insight and practical suggestions on key topics for leaders to make part of their daily lives.

It emphasises authenticity and self-awareness, relationships and systemic thinking, and the value of diversity and self-management. It considers emotional intelligence, resilience, neuroscience and mindfulness as areas of knowledge and practice which offer additional particular benefit to the leader.

It is good for people who wish to be leaders in our societies.
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About the Author

Lindsay Wittenberg

Lindsay Wittenberg is an executive coach, specialising in leadership, career re-focus, cross-cultural work, and wellbeing. She equips senior people to achieve sustained, positive change in thinking and behaviour, especially in contexts of pressure, focus on results, uncertainty, and demanding or radical change. Her clients, who are based globally:

  • Become better at making well-grounded decisions and judgments
  • Become more insightful, creative and resourceful
  • Nurture productive working relationships

Lindsay was Highly Commended for Coaching at Work’s Award 2015 for Best Thought Leadership.