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Be Your Customer’s Decision-Coach

Because the Digital Age Demands Salespeople Add Value

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This book teaches salespeople decision-coaching skills that will result in increased sales by having customers rely on their salesperson as a trusted member of their decision team.
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Wouldn’t you like your customers to make buying-decisions effortlessly? You’d be spared the stress of trying so hard to sell. How would this be possible, you ask? The answer lies inside your customer’s decision process itself. This book takes you on a journey into the internal realm of your customer’s decision making. It teaches salespeople how decision-making happens and how it can be influenced using performance coaching skills. Deploying the skills taught in this book will result in increased sales, while getting customers to embrace salespeople as trusted members of their decision team.

About the Author

Jeffrey Lipsius is an internationally recognized sales trainer and peak performance coach based in Los Angeles. He’s the Director and Co-Developer of The Inner Game School of Sales Leadership with Timothy Gallwey— “The Father of Modern Coaching.” Jeffrey is the author of the award winning book Selling To The Point. He trained salespeople for over 40 years. Jeffrey conducts workshops and seminars that show salespeople how to master peak selling performance. In his workshops, salespeople practice applying the principles presented in this book to their specific selling strategy.

  • About The Author
  • Introduction
  1. The Goal of Selling isn’t Selling, it’s Buying
    1. Every Sale Involves Two Conversations
    2. The Real Purpose of a Salesperson
  2. Buying is a Natural Process
    1. The Internal Nature of the Customer’s Decision Process
    2. The Advantages of High Quality Customer Decision-making
    3. How Salespeople can Influence High Quality Buying-decisions from Customers
  3. Principles of Performance Coaching
    1. Be Your Customer’s Decision-Coach
    2. The Coach is the Learner not the Teacher
    3. Eliminate the Source of Interference to Decision Quality
  4. The 3Cs for Optimal Decision-making Performance
  5. Use Buying-Points, not just Selling Points
    1. How to Create Buying-Points
  6. Transitioning One’s Role from Salesperson to Decision-coach
  7. Benefits Salespeople can derive from Selling besides Selling
  • Conclusion
A great guide, mind opening and the best book written about sales. When coaching meets sales - the book makes it so clear that the more traditional, old fashioned (such as “trusted advisor” type) sales models will become extinct and replaced with decision coaches.
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About the Author

Jeffrey Lipsius