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Be Happy!

Practical Approaches to Contentment in Work and Life

Language:  English
We all want to be happy. How we manage our lives can makes a difference. Described here are approaches that make achieving a better work/life balance possible.
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We all want to be happy, and many different circumstances dictate the level of happiness we have. But how we work our lives makes a difference too. You can approach life in a way that maximises your contentment in many different ways, large and small. This book sets out to describe approaches that make achieving a better work/life balance possible.It puts fantasies in their place and highlights those practical ways in which you can act to improve your lot, now and in the future.

About the Author

Patrick Forsyth is a consultant, a trainer, and a writer. He has worked with organisations large and small and in many different parts of the world. He is the author of many successful books and articles on management, business and careers and prides himself on having a clear how-to style. One reviewer (“Professional Marketing”) commented: Patrick has a lucid and elegant style of writing which allows him to present information in a way that is organised, focused and easy to apply. In this series he is also the author of several titles including “Your boss: sorted!” and “How to get a pay rise”. His writing extends beyond business. He has had humorous books published (e.g., Empty when half full), also light-hearted travel writing: First class at last! (This about a journey through Southeast Asia), and Smile because it happened (about Thailand). He is the author of five novels, including Once a Thief, and Where there’s a will, which was published recently.

  • Introduction: Making it possible
  1. Don’t worry
  2. Your work
  3. Being skilful
  4. Contentment in life and work
  5. A positive focus
  6. Afterword
About the Author

Patrick Forsyth