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B2B Startup Marketing

A Practical, Real-World Framework for Success

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Discover frameworks and tangible activities that small-to-medium sized B2B organizations can employ on their path to scale.
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Startup/Scaleup marketing in a noisy world requires different strategies and tactics at different stages of evolution.The marketing playbook must account for the company’s stage. Too often organizations waste effort and resources replicating “big-company” marketing strategies before they are ready.This book introduces frameworks and tangible activities that small-to-medium sized B2B organizations can employ on their path to scale. Whether bootstrapped, or backed by venture capital, marketing professional must focus strategies and activities appropriate to the stage of growth.

About the Author

Eren Koont is SaaS marketing leader who loves the building process and has transformed marketing for organizations large and small. From learning the fundamentals at Texas Instruments to helping Discovery Education scale it’s SaaS video streaming service for K-12 education, Eren understands the power of brand and how it translates to customer loyalty and revenue. He caught the “startup bug,” and has since built marketing teams at VC-backed LiveSafe, Protenus, and Ordway, helping the companies build demand generation functions and hone their brands.

  • About the Author
  • Intro. Brilliant startup marketing isn’t magical
  • Why this book
  1. Becoming a Butterfly: Stages of a company
  2. Hiring is Tough
    1. Marketing Needs Before and After Scale
    2. Flexibility early on, Expertise comes later
  3. Measure Early, Not Everything
  4. Why buy from you? Your proto-brand
    1. Customer Marketing shapes the early company brand
  5. Everyone is in sales, right?
    1. Alignment between Sales and Marketing is fundamental
  6. Knocking on doors
    1. Building momentum for customer acquisition
  7. The “Kick Drum” of content builds to something bigger
    1. Step 1: Understand your market and what your prospective customers are looking for
    2. Step 2: Identify unique areas of content that give you the best chance to break through the noise
    3. Step 3. Be consistent about publishing new, relevant content
  8. Time to do a billboard in New York’s Times Square?
    1. Three things to configure to make sure you are not wasting resources on digital advertising
  9. Get out there and meet people
  • Summary: Strategy, Activity, Crawl, Walk, Run, Build, Magic
  • References
About the Author

Eren Koont