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Gary Morgan
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Gary has been successfully running his business Gary Morgan Coaching for the last 13 years. During this time Gary has become well known for his expertise in all things sales and leadership. He is a telephone communication expert, certified emotional intelligence practitioner, an amazon top 5 bestselling author, and host of two podcasts entitled ‘Telephone selling with integrity’ and ‘Your path to purpose’. He has appeared on the BBC and in published magazines where he has shared his business expertise.

Gary helps Inside Sales, Telesales, and Customer Service teams to Sell over the telephone with Integrity. People often tell him about their bad experiences from salespeople who don’t listen, that don’t know enough about the product or service they’re selling. Salespeople who are reading verbatim from a script and sounding like they are on autopilot. Gary trains and coaches sales and customer service teams to sell in a way that gives the client or prospect what they want and need, whilst helping the sales professional to achieve their KPIs and helping the businesses they represent to grow their revenue and reputation.

Gary has worked for many large organisations such as British Telecom, Royal Mail, Philips, HMRC, Border Force and to name just a few. He uses his 30+ years of experience in sales and leadership to provide his clients with highly effective sales, customer service, leadership, and telephone skills training & coaching to sell with integrity. He has taken hundreds of sales professionals from being average to outstanding. Gary has transformed the passion and energy of his life experiences into his as a leading sales and leadership coach.

In addition to his coaching role, Gary is also an in-demand experienced keynote speaker. He uses captivating storytelling and relatable, real-life examples. During his talks he takes audiences on a transformative journey, inspiring action. His carefully constructed speaking engagements have the power to provoke thought, positive emotions, and boost self-belief.

Gary takes his health and well-being seriously and you will often see him running around Surrey. He believes that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind leads to a healthy business.

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