Ajinkya Bhasme
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He is a chemical engineer, graduated from India’s most premier institute, IIT- Bombay, Mumbai. He works as an Senior Human Resource Manager with a billion-dollar agrochemicals giant, UPL limited, Mumbai. His interest in psychology and applied behaviour combined with his technical expertise has led him to be a keynote speaker in various international seminars, colleges and business forums. He is also a consultant to many start-ups and non-profit organizations to enable encouraging work environment and bridging communication gaps across varied functions and businesses. He is also a new author in the crime and psychological thriller genre with his “When the Devil Whispers” that exemplifies his fresh way of working with real life stories. His literary work has earned him international accolades and critical appreciation. Some of his work has been adapted for short movies and theatrical performances. His study in clinical psychology and a major in engineering helps him brew fresh and creative content which has mathematical aspects to humane stories. His expertise in predictive modelling is now being experimented in his latest works on stochastic behavioural predictions and his upcoming thriller novel. 

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