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Bob Barker
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Bob Barker has been in the technology industry for over 35 years, working for Oracle, NCR, SAS, DXC and many smaller marketing technology companies. For the last 10 he has been researching, training, coaching and evangelising about the need for digital professionalism and wellness.

He believes that people often suffer from a digital dilemma, in that they know they should do better, but always have excuses not to up their game. Bob believes this latest checklist orientated book can help motivate people rapidly and easily take action to operate better so they stop wasting time online and use all the emerging technology to their advantage.

Bob has run workshops on this topic in both the US, EU and UK, for some of the largest corporations in the world where the content of this book has been shaped, driven by attendees who always want a checklist to follow up post workshop

Bob is the author of several white papers on the subject as well as the Book “Digital Common Sense – and how to get IT”, and has created both bespoke and public online courses on the topic.

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