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Victoria Cobos
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Miss Cobos is a passionate Supply Chain Leader with international experience across emerging and developed markets, has led large operations and transformation programs for Unilever, Nomad Foods, General Mills and Deckers Brands, specializing on End-to-End planning, strategic partnerships, risk management and business turnaround.

Miss Cobos is familiar with the common challenges of operating in VUCA environments with a proven track record as a resilient change agent, building competencies and developing talent, envisioning the Supply Chain as a source of competitive advantage, that drives value through consistent performance and operational agility.

Her passion for sustainability, innovation and people has steered an international career, accumulating accomplishment in different fields of operations, allowing her to provide sound guidance on cost efficiency, scalable business models, M&A synergies, cash management and sourcing strategies, supporting the process of de-risking business proposals, adopting digital capabilities, and applying sound management practices to secure synergies that lead to responsiveness.

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