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Marianne Dupuis Janin
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Marianne Dupuis Janin has coached more than 650 leaders across the globe so their teams can thrive. When people give just the bare minimum, hold dear to silo mentalities or leave the organization way too soon, it is time for leadership transformation.
And coaching helps tremendously to map the path to success, to shorten the transition plus to ensure sustainable results turn into mainstream culture.
Marianne coaches with thought-provoking conversations, step-by-step action plans and neurosciences techniques to challenge limiting beliefs. She guides leaders to sharpen their emotional intelligence, clarify their professional purposes, grow their leadership skills and find ways to motivate their teams to thrive together. Her approach relies on an immense trust in humanity’s potential to contribute growing self and others, for greater good.
In this book, Marianne shares executive coaching stories showcasing how effective leadership traits can nurture both team results and people growth, relying on approaches deeply ingrained in humanity.
Before training and coaching leaders – working globally from her office in Malaysia – she worked ten years at the Central Bank of Luxemburg, holding key responsibilities in project management, audit, financial and operational risk management, was even involved in large-scale crisis prevention for the whole banking industry. Earlier in her career, she worked at Ajinomoto in Tokyo, then Andersen/ Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Luxemburg, where Marianne was leading several multicultural teams in demanding environments, serving clients all over Europe while developing excellent critical and analytical skills.
Marianne experienced the delights and struggles of leadership across multiple cultures, both with and without authority, in public and private sectors as well as in SME and multinationals.
Certified Professional Coach, Trainer, HR Consultant from the Institute of Applied Neurosciences (Paris), Marianne also is accredited as PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level with ICF (USA), and certified in Coaching Supervision from the Coaching Supervision Academy (UK) as well as several assessment tools accreditations: DiSC, Harrison, Genos Emotional Intelligence.
She is a founding member of the European Mentoring Coaching Council - Asia Pacific Region, Founder & President of the Association of Coaching Supervisors and Mentors, which promotes ethical and professional standards for the coaching profession.
She also created and delivers the People Coach Certification for those eager to become Coaches.

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