Eric Armin
  • Country: United States
  • Number of Books: 1

Eric Alan Armin is a leader in the field business. He holds an Executive MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute in Virginia and pursued his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston. His success in the field of sales and business development is due to the systems he practices and his passion for helping other people get what’s important to them. Eric has been practicing accommodating others’ goals for years and believes sales is a window for finding fulfillment when others use his principles. Eric is a Certified Public Speaker, Salesperson, and holds many other certifications to lead.
Since his education, Eric’s tested methods have helped him plan better and push initiatives in the boardroom. He has worked tirelessly to help people from the bottom to the executive suite. Eric has directly and indirectly consulted with sales teams from all areas of the United States. Constantly looking to better their teams and balancing a family life (wife, 2 boys, several pets) – Eric has established himself in all industries he’s been a part of as a foremost expert. As a great point guard, quarterback, captain, and leader - Eric thrives in making those around him better every day. Leadership is important to Eric and he preaches this to his colleagues and his kids.

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