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Dr. Julie Reinhart
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Dr. Renee Robinson Bio

Dr. Renee Robinson is an Associate Professor of Communication at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Her communication areas of expertise include organizational communication and instructional communication. Dr. Robinson has published and presented numerous papers on classroom assessment, communication pedagogy, computer mediated communication and classroom instruction as well as mobile technologies and student engagement. Robinson is a curriculum developer and previous department chair. She has served as a university-wide faculty developer and has worked in a number of leadership positions in various higher education institutions working to prepare both faculty and students for a changing work world.

Dr. Julie Reinhart Bio

Dr. Julie Reinhart is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Her area of expertise is in Instructional Systems Technology. Dr. Reinhart is an active researcher who publishes in the areas of technology integration, distance education, and school reform. She also serves as the Director of the STEM Education Center at Saint Xavier University.

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