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Timothy J. Cummuta
  • Country: Argentina
  • Number of Titles: 1

Timothy J. Cummuta is a Business Consulting and Sales Expert.

Business: Tim has consulted Fortune 500 and small to medium size companies in Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing Productivity, IT Development, HR, and Risk Management.

Education: Tim is currently working on a Ph.D. in Business Planning, holds a Master’s in Financial Planning and more than a two decades of proven experience in Business Consulting, Sales and Marketing, Financial Advising & Planning which has positioned him to assist clients in today’s volatile and unpredictable business environment.

Tim is currently Operations/Marketing Director with KMK Group LLC. A Risk Control Company.

Tim is a former Director of Sales and Support with a Three Time Inc. 500™. Tim has Recruited and trained thousands of field sales agents.

Tim is the author of numerous books including Shattering Your Glass Ceiling – Anyone Can Be Financially Free – The Personal Financial Planning Course: AuthorHouse 2007 and 2nd Edition: and Kindle eBook in 2012.

Articles seen on, & include:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Financial Planning
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