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Mohamed Buheji
  • Institution: International Institute of Inspiration Economy
  • Country: Bahrain
  • Number of Titles: 1
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Dr. Mohamed Buheji is the founder of International Institute of Inspirational Economy. and the founder of Youth Economy Forums

 He is considered a leading expert in the areas of Excellence, Knowledge, Innovation, Inspiration, Change Management and enhancement of Competitiveness for over 25 years, besides being a retired professor from University of Bahrain. Besides being a Future Foresighter, Dr Buheji is also the Founder of the International Journal of Inspiration & Resilience Economy and International Journal of Youth Economy.


He teaches classes that are relevant to Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge & Change Management and Current Issues to both MBA Students and undergraduates. Besides he leads seminars on the Subject of Inspiration Engineering & Resilience Engineering and Youth and Inspiration Labs.

 Dr Buheji has published since 2008 more than 130 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers and 23 books in the subjects of socio-economic problem solving, power of thinking, lifelong learning, quality of life, inspiration and competitiveness. Also he has Eight books in English about Knowledge Economy, Inspiration Economy, Inspiring Government and Inspiration Engineering, Resilience Economy, Youth Economy, Exploration Labs, Socio-economic Problem Solving and Curiosity. Dr Buheji is passionate about transferring his + 500 consultancy projects experience for more than 300 organisations from all over the world, to both education and research. In addition, he serves in the editorial board of 5 internationally peer reviewed journals in the same fields. He is member of many scientific communities, journals, academic review boards. Lately, he is winner of many awards including the latest CEEMAN best researcher award for 2017, Guru of Research from Int’l Academic & Research Awards (IARE-India) for 2019 besides being a Fellow of World Academy of Productivity Science.

You can reach Dr Mohamed Buheji, directly through email: , or through accessing his web site:

Also, he is available for a direct call at +973-33388150

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