Michael Jahr
  • Institution: European University of Applied Sciences
  • Country: Germany
  • Number of Books: 1
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Contact details

Full name: Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Michael Jahr
E-mail address: m.w.jahr@gmx.de
Web-link: www.beratung-jahr.de


Since 2014:
Full Professor for Business Administration and Quantitative Methodology
European University of Applied Sciences EUFH

Since 2018:
Assistant Professor for Business Administration
TH Cologne University of Applied Sciences
Since 2006:
Lead Business Consultant
JBC Jahr Business Consulting

Business Consultant
aixigo AG, Aachen, Germany

Research Assistant and lecturer
Department of Law and Economics, Greifswald University, Chair for Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

Phd studies of business administration, University of Greifswald, Germany
Degree: Dr. rer. pol.

Studies of economics, University of Cologne, Germany
Degree: Diplom-Volkswirt (M.Sc.)

Dresdner Bank AG, Aachen, Germany

Author profile: http://beratung-jahr.de/html/prof_-dr_-michael-jahr.html

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