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Simone L. Andersen
  • Country: Denmark
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Simone Lemming Andersen, journalist, MA in Philosophy, speaker, writer and the owner “Strategisk Kommunikation”.

She specializes in networking and performance and offers talks as well as courses in both Danish and English in these fields.

For many years, Simone worked for the Danish broadcasting company “Danmarks Radio”, where she produced radio and television and had her own talk show on TV.

Subsequently, after that she became a Master of Philosophy in Media Science she founded “Strategisk Kommunikation”, a company working with networking as well as presentation and media training.

The customer portfolio includes among others the global healthcare company Novo Nordisk, Microsoft, the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim and Ernst & Young.

Simone has published “the Networking Book”, an international bestseller, on how to gain success in networks. You can buy The Networking Book in English and in Danish here:

As a speaker, Simone is much in demand in both Denmark and abroad. You can book a talk via or by calling +45 2616 1818.

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