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Attaining Success with the New Customer

A Glimpse in the Minds of our Hero

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Covid-19 has changed all of us to some extent. This e-book talks about how the customer has changed, how you can address these changes and be prepared in the future.
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Your customer has changed in this virus ridden era. They have changed habits, consumptions, and behaviors. Everyone has changed to some extent, be it knowingly or subconsciously. Knowing how and why your customer has changed can provide you a holistic view of necessary tweaks in existing communication or even identify new opportunities. In this book, we discuss these changes and show, how to be prepared for any future customer challenges using understanding recent consumption trends, the extent of their changes, ways to identify customer changes, importance of collaboration and more.

About the Author

Yash Pednekar is a marketing manager working with Facedrive. He has worked in multiple industries and departments such as marketing, customer service, event coordination and HR. He has 5 years of cumulative experience with post-graduation studies in marketing and branding. He believes that the customer is the center of anybusiness and has led companies to develop a genuine customer centric mindset. He believes that success of a company is dependent on their level of understanding towards their ‘customer’.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. The current situation
    1. The Customer
    2. The Market
    3. Spotlight on the customer
  2. How have Consumers changed due to Covid-19?
    1. Behavioural changes
    2. Consumption changes
    3. The new normal
  3. How to Cater to your new customer
    1. Consumer Trends
  4. Serving better using a customer buying journey
  5. Importance of Integrating customer care with marketing
    1. Social media integration
    2. Empower your customers
  6. Rising value of Brand purpose and how to use it in your favor?
    1. Importance of brand purpose
    2. Implementing brand purpose
  7. How can you be ready for future customer challenges?
  • Conclusion
  • Table of Figures
  • References
About the Author

Yash Pednekar