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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Aspects that Must be in your Strategy

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This book details the 3 aspects in Artificial Intelligence that enhance your Digital Marketing efforts. It provides an edge and a way to level the playing field.
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SMS Text Marketing is effective and a sure way to get in front of your audience.Predictive analytics, AI/SEO, Machine learning to battle google search engines algorithms.AI and Video Marketing. Video is replacing written content and even surpassing still images.The future of AI in digital marketing.

About the Author

Scott is a marketing genius with over 35years of experience. A career in advertising, publishing, healthcare and Digital Marketing. Recently interviewed as a cutting-edge marketing expert in AI and Immersive Marketing technology for marketing in the United States by Daily Ad Brief Mr. Brown is the CEO of Marketing Online Specialist and owns a luxury online club, Club Remora.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. SMS Text Marketing is Effective
    1. 98% Open Rate & Smart Phones within 6 feet of the User
    2. Interview with Steven Tait, SMS Text Marketing Expert
  2. Machine Learning in Digital Marketing – Bot Technology, Target Audience Modeling, Predictive Analytics and AI SEO
    1. MIT Executive Education (Sloan School of Management) – Digital Marketing Analytics
  3. Show it, with AI & Video Marketing
    1. VidMob Video Production Tools
  4. The Future AI in Digital Marketing is Voice Activation Marketing
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About the Author

Scott D. Brown