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Artificial Intelligence

Basic Guide to AI

Language:  English
This short business book introduces Artificial Intelligence, its history, future, and applications.
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This business book introduces Artificial Intelligence or the intelligence in Machines that can match human intelligence. When machines start thinking like humans and start learning on their own, they come under the category of Machine learning. This book simplifies everything related to artificial intelligence and machine learning and would be useful for individuals who wish to study further in this area. This book also showcases the future scope of artificial intelligence and the disruptions it can bring in the life around us, both in personal and business sense.

About the Author

Sandeep Kulshrestha is a Positive Psychology practitioner and the founder Director of International Institute of Positive Psychology, based out of Hyderabad, India. Sandeep has extensive experience in Human Resources roles, having headed the HR function in the Hospitality, Nonprofit and Information Technology organisations. Sandeep has studied Finance, Psychology and Artificial Intelligence at his masters’ level and is passionate about futuristic AI technologies.

  • Preface
  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    1. Primary Goals of Artificial Intelligence
    2. Contributions to Artificial Intelligence
    3. Applications of AI
    4. Types of Artificial Intelligence
    5. Simplifying terms that are associated with Artificial Intelligence
  2. History and discoveries in Artificial Intelligence
    1. The Genesis of Artificial Intelligence
    2. Initial challenges in pursuit of Artificial Intelligence
    3. The formal start of AI
    4. Timeline of Successes and failures in the AI journey
    5. Artificial Intelligence in the Eighties and further
  3. Understanding Human Intelligences
    1. What are Human Intelligences?
  4. Introduction to Machine Learning
    1. Introducing Machine Learning
    2. Classification of Machine Learning
  5. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
    1. Introduction to Robotics
    2. Applications of Robotics
  6. Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
    1. Strong Vs Weak AI
    2. Can a computer possibly think?
    3. Computers and Free will
    4. Computers and consciousness
  7. AI and Future jobs
    1. Tasks AI can automate
    2. Jobs and their risks
About the Author

Sandeep Kulshrestha