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Are You a Leader of Position or Integrity?

8m 53s
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Is leadership about position or integrity? Why sort of leader are you?
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Bob Reish discusses how leadership is not about position, it is about integrity. From his many years of experience, candor and passion, he speaks about how to be a leader of integrity and not just position. As you listen, you will discover how to lead with conviction, passion and integrity and become significant to all those you serve.

About the Author

Bob Reish is an award-winning certified executive & business Coach for success-driven Individuals. He has worked with industry leaders like Farmers Insurance, World Financial Group, Edward Jones, LegalShield, Awana International, FocalPoint Business Coaching International, Insurance WebX, TTI Success Insights, Holiday Inn, Bankers Life and the City of Surprise, Arizona to name a few. He delivers powerful keynote and workshop presentations to audiences at corporate events and conferences.

About the Author

Bob Reish