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Applying CAMMP™ in the Real World

Practical Aspects of Developing Tailored Methods

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This book describes the general concepts of how to apply the CAMMP™ model in the real world. It highlights the differences in the model application between project owners and service providers.
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This eBook (6/7) Adaptive Project Management & Tailored Methods series) describes the general concepts of how to apply the CAMMP™ model in the real world. It highlights the differences in the model application between project owners and service providers. Also, it outlines the steps to transform the methodological approach into tailored methods that are fit-for-purpose.The steps for tailoring include customizing the standard model to fit industry and a company governance structure. The second step is to adapt the customized model to reflect the specifics of a given organizational function, which produces a tailored method for a given type. The third and last step is to adjust the tailored method to accommodate the project size and complexity. The book closes with the potential pitfalls in tailoring or applying CAMMP™.

About the author

Mounir A. Ajam is a co-founder and CEO of SUKAD Corp. SUKAD Corp is an organization focusing on providing organizational clients with integrated project management services and solutions. Currently, SUKAD is leading the development of a pioneering and innovative cloud-based online solution, the Uruk PPM Platform. 

Mounir is also project management thought leader. He is the leader behind the SUKAD Way for Managing Projects, which include an organization project management solution, project management and product development methodology, and a project success model. These innovative products are the starting point for the Uruk PPM Platform.

Mounir has published numerous e-books, all on project management, with CRC Press (Taylor & Francis) has also published Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile (related to CAMMP, the SUKAD Way methodology). Further, CRC Press is also publishing Leading Megaprojects, A Tailored Approach.

  • Table of Figures
  • Dedication
  • The e-book series
  • Introduction
  • Two Series
  • This Series’ E-books
  1. Volume Introduction
    1. Link To First Few Volumes
    2. The Current E-Book
    3. The CAMMP™ Standard Model
  2. Applying the Model
    1. Introduction
    2. Resources
    3. A Peek into Future Work
    4. Closing Comments
  3. Life Ccles 360o
    1. Introduction
    2. Product Life Cycle
    3. Project Life Cycle
    4. Project Owner Perspective
    5. Service Provider Perspective
    6. General Observations
  4. Tailoring the Model
    1. Introduction
    2. Method versus Methodology
    3. The Steps To Develop Tailored Project Management Methods
    4. Closing Comments
  5. Customizing the Model
    1. Need to Customize
    2. Essential Concepts
    3. What Is Customizable?
    4. Customizing To a Project Domain (Industry)
    5. How to Customize
    6. Project Manager Authority
  6. Adapting the Model
    1. Customizable versus Adaptable
    2. Example to Differentiate
    3. Why Should an Organization Customize and Adapt the Model?
    4. One Sample
    5. A Reviewer Comment
    6. A Story Reflecting Current Reality
  7. Project Classifications
    1. Introduction
    2. Project Classification
    3. Expanding The Project Classes
    4. How to Measure Size and Complexity
    5. Classification in Project Management Guides
    6. How to Manage per a Given Classification
    7. Summary Of The Tailoring Steps
  8. Potential Pitfalls
    1. Refresher
    2. The pitfalls
  • Appendices
  • Appendix A: Additional Resources
  • Appendix B: Bibliography
  • End Matters
  • About the Author
  • About SUKAD
  • Uruk PPM Platform
  • The SUKAD Way™
  • PM Quest Online Learning
  • End Notes
About the Author

Mounir A. Ajam