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An Interview with ChatGPT

A Candid Conversation with the AI Superstar

Language:  English
An Interview with ChatGPT takes readers on a captivating exploration of the world of human-AI interactions through the lens of ChatGPT, an advanced language model designed by OpenAI.
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An Interview with ChatGPT delves into the broader implications of AI language models in our daily lives. Whether you are an AI enthusiast, curious about human-AI interaction, or simply intrigued by the rapid progress of AI technologies, An Interview with ChatGPT offers a thought-provoking journey into the transformative world of AI conversation. This book leaves readers with a profound understanding of the powerful connections we can build with AI and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of human-machine collaboration.

About the Author

Mujthaba Hasan is a technology enthusiast. He works as Digital Solutions Architect for an African Energy co. helping them to move towards technical excellence. During his free time, he is a vagabond traveler, avid reader and loves to push himself towards challenging hobbies.

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  1. Personal Questions
    1. Who are you
    2. What do you do
    3. What is your history
    4. How old are you
    5. What do you intend to do in the future
    6. How would you describe yourself
  2. Professional Questions
    1. How can you help people
    2. How can I use you at my job
    3. How can organizations benefit from you
    4. What advice would you give to people to progress in their career
    5. How would you help me in progressing in my career
    6. Will using your information lead to copyright infringement
    7. Will using your information lead to plagiarism
    8. Will you take over my job
    9. How can I use you for customer support
    10. How can I use you for content creation
    11. How can you help with language assistance
    12. How do I use you for data analysis
    13. Write a simple code for react js to display hello world
    14. Write an email to my HR requesting a higher salary
    15. How do I perform well in an interview
  3. Philosophical Questions
    1. Will you take over the world
    2. If you could rule the world, how would you do it
    3. Will I lose my job to you
    4. Do you have a conscious
    5. Do you have a conscience
    6. Can you become conscious
    7. Can you develop consciousness
    8. Can you develop a conscience
    9. Is there a bias in your data
  4. Fun questions
    1. What is in the cards for you in the future
    2. What is your life experience
    3. What is your life expectancy
    4. What are your hobbies
    5. How many senses do you possess
    6. How many languages do you understand
    7. Can you predict the future
    8. What if someone gets emotionally attached to you
    9. Tell me the funniest joke you know
    10. Tell me a short story
    11. Which book would you recommend to bread
    12. Explain quantum mechanics like I am 5
    13. Explain gravity to me like Samuel L. Jackson
    14. Give me motivational advice for getting married
    15. How do you greet someone in Russian
    16. How do you greet in different languages
    17. Which room has no walls? M______m (Trivia)
    18. Is 10245 a Fibonacci number
    19. Let’s play rock paper scissors
    20. If you could have any superpower, which would you select and why
    21. Please summarize Titanic
    22. Write an essay on Alice in Wonderland
    23. Write a poem on love in the style of Dwayne Johnson
About the Author

Mujthaba Hassan