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Am I Happy with my Work Situation?

Redesign methods, reduce stress and recreate work flow

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You love your job but not the over load, pressure or way things are done. Learn the magic to change things inside and outside of your role.
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Are you happy with your job but find certain situations very stressful? Do you have a hectic work-life but no matter what you try, things don't change? There are many factors in our modern lives that can keep us feeling overwhelmed, over stretched or under pressure but we are rarely taught how to manage them.Here you will identify the specific problems or processes that don't work and examine the root causes. Discover new strategies to make lasting change, release stress and rewire your brain. Learn creative and unique methods for being more productive, in less time and making work flow easily.

About the author

Nazish has helped countless people to turn their lives around from all levels, backgrounds and nationalities. She has worked with a multitude of businesses over the last three decades and specialized in training and development since 1996. With Business Psychology training, a multicultural background and an alternative approach, her books offer realistic methods and unique coaching tools along with down-to-earth advice.

  1. About the Author
  2. Can Things Really Change?
    1. Tools
  3. What Isn’t Working?
    1. The Main Cause
    2. Rooting Out Unhappiness
    3. Deciding Factor
  4. How Do I Change Situations? 
    1. Three Steps to Change
    2. Presenting Your Proposal
    3. Bull By The Horns
  5. How Do I De-Stress?
    1. Define the Cause
    2. The Real Reason
    3. Lowering Stress Levels
    4. Head Space
  6. How Do I Make More Time?
    1. Spending Time
    2. Natural Rhythms
    3. Get Into Your Flow
  7. Why Is Change So Difficult? 
    1. The Norm
    2. The Default Program
    3. Change of Thought
  8. How Can I Make Change Stick?
    1. Better Work-Life Habits
    2. Making Life Easy
  9. End Notes
  10. Resources
About the Author

Nazish S. Qazi