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Agile Working

21m 21s
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Julie Hogbin talks about the foundation values of Agile Working & the results from implementing the concept into the working environment, along with how to start the process & the benefits.
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Julie Hogbin talks about the 4 Key Values of Agile Working & the 5 Trademarks of Agile Organisations. Julie speaks about the bottom line results achieved by Agile companies through research conducted since 2014 & the benefits of creating this culture for you Business along with some of the how to and the consequences of. 

Agile working creates organisations and teams tha tare able to response proactively to the market conditions – which has never been more important What is your strategy & how are you communicating it? #ConsciousLeadership for Business and Life

About the Author

Julie Hogbin has worked with tens of thousands of Leaders within Busines & Life for over 3 decades across the private, public & entrepreneurial sectors. Julie is passionate about true Leadership & Management that is conducted with sound principles and integrity. The Leadership messages are the same across the sectors – great Leadership shines and can be developed.

About the Author

Julie Hogbin