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Agile Leader’s Guide to Change Management

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

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This book is a Project Manager’s view of how important Organization Change Management is for a successful transition to Agile. Change Management is arguably the best tool to speed up this transition.
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Most Agile frameworks inspired by or the inspiration of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, are presented by Trainers and Coaches as an easy way to ‘become’ Agile. Most of those frameworks are inspired by small teams of software developers and are often a very simplistic view on team dynamics, management and complexities of the Enterprise.This book is an introduction to Organization Change Management for Agile leaders and teams. It provides a Project Manager’s view on how transition can be managed using Change Management and it is based on practical experience.

About the Author

Dan is an experienced Project Manager with over 35 years commercial experience. He started his career as a specialist in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) following his involvement in research during university studies. After a successful career in research when he also published articles and books on various topics, mainly Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing and Computer Graphics he managed large development teams and then moved to Project Management and is now specialized in Business Transformations Projects.

  • About the author
  1. Introduction
    1. Change and Change Management
    2. Change Management and Agile
  2. The Agile Enterprise
    1. Agile Mindset vs Lean Mindset
    2. Agile Team versus Agile Enterprise
    3. Agile Culture Change
  3. ADKAR
    1. Awareness
    2. Desire
    3. Knowledge
    4. Ability
    5. Reinforcement
    6. Change Agents
    7. Implementing ADKAR
  4. Conclusion
About the Author

Dan Stelian Roman