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Academic writing guide for university students

Language:  English
A comprehensive source of all academic writing solutions for students. Suitable for all types of students including beginners in writing, be sure to improve your grades in just 7 days. Happy studying!
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Are you tired of low marks and comments from tutors/lecturers about lack of focus, poor grammar and work below academic standards? Well, this book simplifies the whole academic writing process for students from all backgrounds and at all levels. It shares definitions, descriptions of assignments, their main components, types of academic grammar and numerous examples to help you present professional assignments. Use the checklists at the end of each chapter and the glossary that explains assignment terms and you will see the improvement in your marks in just 7 days! Try it and see for yourself.

About the author

Mqondisi Bhebhe is an academic, a Management graduate and publishing author in various disciplines, but with more emphasis on Academic Writing skills and Business/Economics areas. He has been, and is still, teaching at tertiary level and enjoys sharing knowledge and experience with readers from all over the world. This is the second of the 5 coming editions of the "simplified" series, with the first one already published being the Human Resource Management Solutions Textbook and a few other projects on the pipeline, all aiming to make studying easier for you. This guide is not intended to replace/supersede any existing academic writing guides as preferred by individual institutions but it will certainly give you all the basic understanding on what is required in many academic assignments. Please enjoy this work and look out for the other volumes to hit your shelves soon. Happy studying!

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  1. Part a: different assignment types
    1. Parts of an essay (general)
    2. Parts of an informative essay 
    3. Parts of a journal/diary essay 
    4. Parts of a scientific report 
    5. Parts of a business report 
    6. Parts of a case-based assignment 
    7. Parts of a progress essay/journal 
    8. Parts of a template-based assignment 
    9. Parts of a data-response based assignment (short questions) 
    10. Parts of a literature-review assignment 
    11. Other assignments 
  2. Part b: academic grammar 
    1. Complete/proper sentences 
    2. Sentence combinations 
    3. Commas 
    4. Determiners 
    5. Subject-verb agreement 
    6. Prepositions 
    7. Compound words 
    8. Sentence construction (adjectives) 
    9. Tenses 
    10. Confusing verbs for nouns etc 
    11. Punctuation marks (apostrophe) 
    12. Punctuation (ordinary words) 
    13. Punctuation (proper nouns) 
    14. Punctuation (foreign nouns) 
    15. Punctuation (period) 
    16. Dialogue/direct quotes formatting 
    17. Punctuation (semicolon) 
    18. Use of adverbs 
    19. Demonstrative pronouns 
    20. Differences between british and americanised english 
  3. Part c: academic vocabulary enhancements 
  4. Part d: larger research projects/theses/dissertations 
    1. Introduction
    2. Literature review
    3. Methodology 
    4. Results 
    5. Discussion 
  5. Section e: referencing 
  • Glossary of some of the terms used in assessments
About the Author

Mqondisi Bhebhe