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A Wetter Look at Climate Change

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This book provides you with examples and tools towards gaining an understanding of moisture related events.
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Our planet’s surface is more water than land. As you’ll learn from this book, the air we need to breathe carries moisture and there’s a lot of air carrying moisture all around us and above us. For reasons I explain later in this book, warm air carries more moisture than cool air. So, it’s not difficult to see that there could be a connection between global warming and moisture. What I explore in this book is the wide-ranging effects of moisture in our daily life. Things that you might have thought have something to do with water or moisture but have not had tools available to you to work out if moisture is actually involved. This book provides you with examples and tools towards gaining an understanding of moisture related events.

  • Copyright Notice
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  1. Food
    1. Reduce Food Waste and Save Money
    2. In the fridge
    3. Cheese and Caves
    4. A Threat to Crops
    5. Coffee
    6. Tea
    7. Gin
    8. You say biscuit, I say cake!
    9. Potato Blight
    10. Running Fowl of Moisture
  2. Health
    1. Heat Exhaustion
    2. Toenail infection – how I cured mine
    3. Moisture loving viruses
    4. Frizzy Hair
  3. Home
    1. What’s Green, Slippery and Dangerous?
    2. Green Carpet Mystery
    3. Damp Paper Mystery
    4. Twitt
    5. Mold (or Mould)
    6. Cardboard
    7. House Mites
    8. Concrete
    9. Plaster
  4. Garden
    1. Buzzing Around Moisture
    2. My Moisture Story Getting Bigger
    3. Damping off
    4. More Fungi
    5. Let Battle Commence
    6. Rust
  5. Technical
    1. Relative Humidity
    2. Saturation
    3. Saturation Vapour Pressure
    4. Psychrometry
    5. Equilibrium Relative Humidity
  6. Worldly Moisture Matters
    1. Climate change in the news
    2. Big Climate to little climate
    3. Moisture in Transformer Oil
    4. Measuring Moisture Levels in Oil
    5. Relative Saturation
    6. Same amount of moisture – Different result!
    7. Printing and Moisture
    8. Mechanical Air Conditioning Invented
    9. Silage
    10. Delightful Deliquescence
    11. A Summer of High Humidity
    12. Solving the Candle Mystery
    13. Climate Change Consequences
    14. Smart Materials
    15. Moisture from the Air – Water Mining
    16. A Clever Sponge!
    17. Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones
  • Epilogue
An eclectic look at water from a professional who brings the personal touch. A read worth cosying up on a wet day with.
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Dr Peter Moir