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A Very Short Introduction to Futurizing Yourself

How to Become Futurewise and Better Manage your Present

Language:  English
Join wellbeing futurist Tom Meyers as he delves into the future of this fast-changing and challenging world, and debates how we must find new ways to flourish and thrive in tomorrow’s world.
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The future is as much your future as it is ours (y’our). As much as you are a product of the decisions, choices and actions of preceding generations, so are future generations influenced by y’ours.Based on this, do you act knowing that y’our future and the future of the future depends on your decisions, choices and actions today?Wellbeing futurist and body-centred stress coach Tom Meyers argues we must act now to keep up and protect ourselves in a rapidly evolving world, with emerging technologies, digitisation, automation, robotisation, datafication, and technological advances.

About the Author

Tom Meyers (1970) was born in Antwerp, Belgium. At 29, he started his own business, a gourmet deli - which failed and led him into an existential crisis. However, three questions saved his life, gave him a sense of purpose and helped him become the person he was born to be.Today, Tom is an Osteopath and Body-centred Stress Coach with a private practice in Brussels, a wellbeing futurist, speaker and author of the "Futurize Yourself” series. Tom is also the founder and global instructor of the 'Reaset Approach,' a novel body-centred and educational approach for new emerging health problems.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Futurizing Yourself
  2. Future Self-Continuity
  3. Your DNA For The Future
  4. Mental Time Travel
  5. Create Y’our Future, Manage Your Present
  6. The Future is Y’our Future
  7. Afterword
  8. References
About the Author

Tom Meyers